Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Put Obama on Everything

Mugs, shirts, pens, buttons, cards, scarves, pants... You name it and there's a significant chance someone is selling it with Obama's image on it. The economy may very well get out of the read solely due to the sales of products with Obama on them. Want to sell a home or even a raggety, old barn? Paint Obama's face on the side. American automobile owners need only to put Obama's profile on their headlights and they'll be back to selling cars like hotcakes. Replace gas station signs with a giant Obama face and you'll be able to charge $10 a gallon; people will pay it without so much as a blink. Say what you want about Obama; think what you want. No matter what happens with his presidency, one thing is certain: he has already done more good for the economy than Bush in his eight years of office simply by being Obama.